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David Muir has worked with Hispanic Unity on various projects over the past 1.5 years; a non-profit serving 20,000 clients/year in Broward County for the past 30 years. He graciously donated his photography services for our 1,000 person gala in 2012. He did a fabulous job! David is always accommodating, professional and willing to donate his time to our organization. We have also called him to do smaller jobs here and there; he says yes without hesitation. I know he is a busy overly talented photographer and author traveling the world, so to know that he makes time for our community gives me great pride to recommend him as an artist and dedicated professional.
— Wendy DeLucca - Marketing & Events Manager, Hispanic Unity of Florida
David Muir is a photographer with a very special eye for color, movement and feeling. The first photos he took of our musicians convinced me that he should be at all of our functions. Vivid photos with such expression that I was immediately sold on using Muir on a regular basis. His photo albums speak for themselves. I’ve used his photos all over my websites.
You cannot find a more congenial and unobtrusive photographer than David and you can be sure you will love the YOU he has captured.
— Joan Cartwright, Jazz Performer
I hired Mr. Muir to take some personal photographs. He was patient, creative and really wanted to provide me with the best possible product. I highly recommend Mr. Muir’s photography for events, portraits or whatever your photographic needs may be. I have received numerous compliments on his work!!!
— Michelle Samaroo, Esq. - Client
I first became aware of David’s talents as a photographer when he captured a candid shot of myself which I really liked. I then began to observe his work and found that he had a photo journalism style that appealed to me. I hired David for him to document my 40th birthday party. I had some 120 people in attendance. Most photographers are very obvious and obstrusive at an event. David was not. His style was to capture the event without constantly interrupting the flow and I really liked that. The pictures were more than I expected and I look at them and relive the joy of that night. I would highly recommend David to anyone.
— Suzanne Morrison-Williams - Clinet
Thank you for a work of Art photography. Great Great Great pictures!
— William Stewart - World renowned Drummer
DAVIDiPhoto effortlessly delivers high-quality results with fast, reliable service. Always a consummate professional, David Muir is an incredible photographer that is easy to work with and accommodating to our needs. We are always pleased with the quantity and quality of our pictures and highly recommend his service to others.
— Alica Brown - Marketing & Events Manager, Urban League of Broward. Broward County, FL
Regrets he has not...David Muir has an eye for capturing the moment...his ability to illustrate by his photos are amazing...it grabs your attention,invites you in...and forces you to partake. There is a famous quote...by Ralph Waldo Emerson... “IN ART , THE HAND CAN NEVER EXECUTE ANYTHING HIGHER THAN THE HEART CAN...” In every photo that David composes his heart is what leads!
— Suzanne Moore - Event Director & Designer
For about a year I watch David and members of the DAVIDiPhoto team shoot various events in Greater Fort Lauderdale. And each time I said, “Hmmm, I need to remember to use them next time.”
Well next time finally arrived last August when we hosted the largest Tennis Tournament in the country in Fort Lauderdale. With more than 80 events and evening activities to cover on a limited budget, David and his team exceeded my expectations.
Not only were all of the events on my must have and wish list covered but the pictures captured exactly what I was hoping for....the experience and flavor of the tournament.
Thank you David... We are looking forward to working with you again in
— Caroline Rucker - Event Production Coordinator
Product or service expertise, quality, and professionalism are the criteria by which I determine who to do business with. DavidiPhoto excels in each of those categories. Professionalism can be expected from booking the engagement through execution and delivery of the final product. With DavidiPhoto on the job, I know that I can expect quality each and every time. The most important moments will be captured. Pictures will be labeled and saved in a format that makes it easy to identify, share, and use via the web, email, print and social media. And David will not hesitate to go the extra mile to get the shot or produce my desired product. He makes it seem easy, but having worked with various photographers, it is very apparent to me that he not only has the appropriate expertise to get the shot right, but also to get the right shot. He has the foresight to think about how a picture will be perceived and used in its final format and makes adjustments accordingly. I plan to use DavidiPhoto time and time again; his work is beyond outstanding!
— Roxanne Valies - President, 2011-2013 LRCC